Artist Statement


My art is about the natural world existing within the human realm.  I incorporate human or synthetic elements and materials with natural materials, concepts, and subject matter, but ultimately consider the question, is man-made also natural?  I believe humans' role as a fellow species can be explored through this question and a sense of place and care of that place.   I am interested in the roots we put into this earth, weather those roots are through  interactions with the natural environment and wilderness, family history, science, or simple experience which marks our soul.  Primarily, I work with cast  bronze, raised and formed copper, wood, soil, clay, fur, dried animal intestine, and a myriad of other materials.   I shoot medium format film (as wall as digital)  as a way of processing a sense of place and my personal relationship with that space or environment.  I use photography to research how other species are displaced or supported by our care (or lack of) our environment.  When considering this, I draw from my scientific education in ecology and wildlife biology.  

I am currently a MFA candidate in Metal Arts at the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History.    I received my BFA in photography from the University of Iowa and a Minor in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Oregon State University.  I live a semi-subsistence style life on a small farm with my family on the banks of the Cedar River in Iowa.  


Curriculum Vitae

MFA Candidate,  Metal Arts, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, projected completion May, 2019
BFA with honors in Photography,  University of Iowa, May, 2016
Concentrations: Metalsmithing, Sculpture

Minor in Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University, ecampus (online). 
Projected completion August, 2020.

Certificate of Achievement, Brotherhood of American Farriers, Oklahoma Farriers College, April, 1997.

Honors and Awards:

Departmental Honors, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, May 2016

Farrier Certification with Honors, Oklahoma Farriers College, Sperry OK.  April, 1997. 

Professional Experience:

Team sports photographer 2013 to present at West Branch, Iowa Community School District. Elementary and Jr. High teams.

Professional Farrier 1997 to present.  Independent business specializing in horseshoeing,  equine science, blacksmithing, forging and fabrication, veterinary consultations on equine lameness issues.  

Photographer for The Daily Iowan, started January, 2016

Professional horse trainer, 1990 to 2005.

Farmer, 1993 to present.  Own and operate 80 acre farm in Cedar County, Iowa.  
Relevant  duties include welding (construction),  carpentry, shop maintenance, grower of sustainable agriculture, hunting, fishing, wildlife studies.  Subsistence living.

Research Interests:
Native American Environmentalism
Ecology,  mammalogy, ornithology, anatomy.
Celtic Bronze Art
Photography:  American Landfills of the Mountainous West

Skills and Qualifications:

Hot metal casting, lost wax method:  bronze and aluminum
Welding: Forge welding, oxy-acetylene filler rod welding, stick welding, mig welding, tig welding.  
Metal fabrication copper, brass, steel
Mold making:  plaster, silicone, urethane
Experience with most shop power tools, especially proficient with a chainsaw
Experience with DSLR cameras, wide range of lenses, Adobe Photoshop, Epson printers
Darkroom Photography
Time management

Volunteer positions:

MacBride Raptor Project, feeder and photographer
Democratic Party volunteer during caucus and election years:  Provided transportation for the elderly to caucus, election booths.  
Sierra Club trail maintenance volunteer.  

Shows, Contests,  and Exhibitions:

“Above the Bar” December, 2015:  A group digital photography show.  My work showcased  16 black and white images, 20 x 30”, featuring wild and captive raptors and the difficulties they endure living in a human-altered world.  

“16 x 16”  January, 2016 and 2017.  A travelling photography exhibition featuring 16 x16 inch prints.

The Fourth Iowa Metals Guild Exhibition: Iowa + Taiwan, 2016-2017.  Cedar Rapids Art Museum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

University of Iowa Jewelry and Metal Arts Graduate Show, April 2017.

Grants and Scholarships

Full tuition scholarship to University of Iowa Graduate School.  Metal Arts Department, School of Art and Art History.

University of Iowa Graduate Student Senate Research and Travel Grant, 2017.